Medaling at an October Fencing NAC!

It was one very emotional tournament-weekend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where more than a thousand kids from all over Canada, USA and few other countries have gathered up together to compete for a title of a North American Cup Champion!

Throughout the weekend our kids from Toronto Fencing Club have posted some of their personal bests and have also showed the ability to overcome some of their lower moments as well.

First and foremost our biggest winner this past weekend was Ted Vinnitchouk, as he went on to win a Silver Medal for Cadet Men’s Epee! The weekend for Ted started a bit rough, as unfortunately we had some inconsistent result on the first day of Division 1 competition. However, as the tournament days went on, Ted has started to look much more confident and disciplined on the fencing strip. Eventually leading him to a second place at this year’s October NAC.

Other notable performance came from Jason Li and his run to finish in Top 16 of the field. It was a bitter sweet end to this run as Jason had to face off his club-mate, Ted, for a chance to get into elite eight. Overall, it is still a great a result which will definitely provide help in chasing down those final National Team spots for a chance to showcase Canada at this year’s Fencing World Championships.

Overall I am extremely proud of both of these boys for their work, dedication and trust in our coaching staff! Let’s hope in the near future we will reach greater heights. Surgite!