Yale Fencing Scholarship!

Fencing Scholarship

Ted at a Fencing event

Congratulations to Ted Vinnitchouk on earning a fencing scholarship and commting to Yale University. Next school year Ted will be attending Yale University on a fencing scholarship thus officially representing Yale varsity program at all major NCAA fencing competitions! Going forward Ted will have to continue demonstrating excellent qualities of a student-athlete as he will be navigating new challenges of a young adulthood. Yale is one of the top post-secondary institutions in the world and as a result requires even athletes on a scholarships to remain students first and athletes second!


Ted’s Fencing Results:

GOLD Medal at 2019 Junior Pan American Championships

SILVER Medal at 2018 Cadet North American Cup

SILVER Medal at 2018 Junior Canadian National Championships

TWICE represented Team Canada at Cadet and Junior World Championships

BEST FIE Junior World Rank: 7th


Receiving a fencing scholarship from a top school like Yale is no accident! First, it was a firmly set out goal that over last five years has been slowly but surely moved ahead. Ted along side his mother worked diligently to make this goal come to fruition. For instance, Ted’s mom Oxana, has always made sure that her son made it to competitions safe and on time! Believe me, when one goes to 100+ events all over North American and Europe there will be unfortunate travel related mis-haps. I personally would like to thank Oxana for all of her drive and support without you none of this would be possible!

While next August, Ted will be starting a new chapter in his student and athletic life he still has some unfinished business this season. At the moment Ted is setting his sights at this years World Championships. Let’s wish him luck and good health in future endeavours!


PS; Looking forward to seeing Ted’s picture here soon: https://yalebulldogs.com/sports/mens-fencing/roster


Coach Tim

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