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First and foremost, all students who are new to our fencing classes begin their journey by doing an Introductory private fencing lesson with one of our experienced coaches.  As a result, we welcome you to call or email to schedule your first fencing lesson! No membership is required to begin!

In addition, If you have never fenced before or have less than six months experience, we recommend to start with an Introductory Package of private lessons.  While going through your set of private fencing classes we will teach you correct fencing actions, body positions, grip of the weapon, how to score a touch, and a basic fencing attack. Hence, we recommend two or four lessons per week for two weeks.  As a result, you’ll be ready to join our ongoing group classes safely and with confidence.

Four Beginner Private Lessons for $200  (Intro 4)
Eight Beginner Private Lessons for $360 (Intro 8)

Package of 8 lessons for Members $320


Throughout the week we provide several ongoing beginner group fencing training in Toronto and Oakville. During these classes students will have an opportunity to practice a small set of drills and engage in competitive fencing against athletes of similar calibre. Important to note that fencing classes are A LOT more enjoyable and successful for kids that take individual lessons weekly and then use group fencing class as a training tool to improve the craft of fencing. All in all, we require you just to join our fencing programmes and we will provide fencing fun and equipment!

Link to Toronto Fencing Club Beginner Fees
SAT: 10:00am – 11:00am

Link to Canadian Fencing Academy Program Fees
SUN: 10:00am – 11:00am

$285 for 8 group fencing classes
$40 trial class

For members $200 for 8 group fencing classes


Consequently, If you have more than 6 months of fencing experience and can demonstrate proper fencing techniques, then start with one introductory lesson so our coach can assess and recommend the best training schedule. Both, Toronto Fencing Club and Canadian Fencing Academy have fencing classes of various strengths, after your first lesson our coach will recommend training that best suits your goals and abilities.

Non-Member:  Intermediate/Advanced Private Lesson for $50 (Intro 1)
Member: Ask about membership discounts


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