School Program

In the past 5 years our Fencing Physical Education Classes have reached more than 6,000 students and that number continues to grow! Each year we bring our program to schools all around Greater Toronto Area and Barrie/Simcoe Region.

The program is led by an Ontario College of Teachers certified physical education teacher with a strong background in Teaching-Games-For-Understanding methodology.

The outreach school program is a 2 or 3 day educational fencing unit as a part of Health & Physical Education class. Lessons include a PowerPoint/SmartBoard presentation about how fencing looks like and how it has changed throughout history. Further, students will learn basic fencing games and fundamentals of the sport such as: respect, enGarde stance, parries, footwork, and lunging, culminating in students actually putting on real fencing protective equipment with a foil in hand and having an opportunity to do some competitive fencing against one another.

Students are provided with all necessary gear as well as study material for the quiz (optional) upon completion of the unit. The lessons are designed for maximal participation and inclusion of all students.

Cost for Toronto/YRDSB Schools: 2 day unit is $20/student.

Cost for Toronto/YRDSB Schools: 3 day unit is $25/student.


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